Welcome to the world of Gaz! The year is 1454. The world has just come out of the longest war in written history. 500 years the nations of the world have been at war and now they have found peace. The newly elected King Baerun of Flyth and the Dictator of Gaznor Viagris Noctet have reached the first peace treaty in the young world have ushered in a new age. They set up an international court to insure that this long drown out conflict would not happen again. The court decided to have it’s own enforcing branch, a group of elite adventurers to carrying out it’s orders. The group is called SAU Special Action Units. SAU groups run in 4-5 men or women and carry out dangerous missions. You have been selected as a part of this group. Above the common man, and the common soldier. But you are low in the ranks, young and brash. Your journey begins now.

Eternal Twilight