Dwerfater: Father of the dwarves. Is a slightly chaotic god, one who wishes for dwarves to always strive to do better. Always. Do. Better. When Dwerfater feels as though their life has reached his peak he will appear to them., as a giant mountain in the distance. Dwarves are then expected to go to Dwerfater. It could appear to a dwarf at any time, at any place. When they’ve finally dug the deepest tunnel yet, finished a masterpiece sword or armor, finished worlds first trade deal, or simply by accumulation of a lifetime they wander off from their friends or family to go be with Dwerfater. A common greeting between dwarven friends who have not seen each other in a long while is " I thought you went to the mountain!"
Those who follow Dwerfater gain the ability to meld into stone 1/week.
CN – Domains: Freedom, Good, Evil, Travel, War.

Irsay: Ascended human, founder of the Ollidar Empire that stretched across both Gaz and Heffar, the empire dissolved when he ascended, fracturing the continents and separating them by a great ocean. God of Self Improvement, fighter of tyranny. Followers of Irsay tend to be granted small favors by prayers to their gods. (reroll 1d20/once a day before success or failure is determined)
Holiday: Ascension day (Flyth)
NG – Domains: Freedom, Travel, Civilization, Good,

Ra – God of the sun, patron of Elves of Evansar in Gaz. Demands strict following to rules and of church hierarchy. Requires sacrifices of humanoids every summer solstice, what the elves of Gaz call the Cleansing of Sins. Usually 1000-2000 are sacrificed during this week long festival celebrating the light and bounty of the sun. Followers of Ra’s magic seems to be enhanced by the sunlight allowing for a 25% increase in efficacy for their spells in sunlight. However at night the effect is -25%)
Holidays: Summer Solstice
LG – Domains: Law, Light, Magic

Elohim – Goddess of the Fey. She is responsible for the birth of elves, faeries, gnomes, and all things fae. She resides in her own plane of Elohim. She the mother of the fae, a supporter of responsible magic and believes that no other mortals should be granted the gift. Magic is something for the fae, and none others. She believes in always using magic to preserve nature, and is wholly against dwarven constructs and orcish slash and burn policies. Fae followers of Elohim are granted 4 level one spells from any spell list.
NG – Domains: Nature, Good, Magic, Fae,

Freya: Goddess of fertility, and nature. Patron of all living creatures. Her winters are harsh, and she is particularly favored to worship in cold climates, believing that she can spare them from the cold. She’s is resolute in her balance, and druids that worship are known to sometime commit malevolent acts to contradict the benevolent ones they take. Saving a cub of a bear, and in return slaughtering the mother.
Allow’s one automatically successful roll but one automatic failure roll later. 1/week
Holidays Winter’s Solstice
TN – Domains: Nature, Storms, Winter, Animals, Fertility,

Muir – Goddess of Virtue and paladinhood, a human lover that fought beside Irsay and ascended to the pantheon on her own merits. She represents the righteous power of freedom and chivalry. Once per week allows a follower to cast a spell at the highest level for free/Allows one critical hit per week.
LG – Domains: Glory, Good, Law, Sun, War

Thyr – God of Law, Justice, and Benevolent Rulers. He watches over cities, wealth, civilization. He espouses that those the below the status of rulers deserve to be ruled over by someone that is looking out for them. God of Cities, he believes in the construction of defense for the common man. He believes in absolute order however to those in authority. The law is the law. Followers are immune to natural diseases.
LN – Domains: Protection, Earth, Law, Nobility, Law

Belon the Wise – God of Travel and magic. Firmly believes that if you possess the ability of magics you have the responsibility to share to aid the common man by traveling, most worshipers wear white when they travel so they are easily identifiable. Once per day allows for a short burst of speed as a free action. (double movement speed for 1 round)
NG – Travel, Magic, Knowledge

Bowbe – God of the nomads, and barbarians. Believes in strength through battle, and no one should fight fair lest they wish to die by others not so honorable. Believes that strength can only be gained through conquest and securing the future for your progeny. Grants followers 1d4 HP/level
CN – War, Chaos, Family, Strength

Hectate – Goddess of Evil Magic, those that have the ability to do magic, should use it to secure power for themselves and their futures. Those who cannot use magic are lesser beings undeserving to do anything but be enslaved by those that can.
Followers gain a +2 proficiency bonus to charms and compulsion spells.
LE – Law, Evil, Magic, Knowledge

Hel – Goddess of Death, Lady of Pestilence, the harsh plague side of nature, all most die and all most return to the earth. Fungi, bacteria, disease.
Followers gain +2 saves vs. Poison, Disease, and Petrification
NE – Evil, Death, Plant, Animal

Grotaag – God of the Orcs. Believes in power and might for the orcish race. Others should bow to the power of them. Wishing for total domination of the material plane under an orcish banner. Has fallen out of favor in mainstream orcish society however, seen as a backwards ideology. Orcish followers gain +1 Strength
CE – Death, Destruction, War, Evil, Tribe

Orcus – Demon Lord of the Undead, was at war with Ra, still is. Wishes to eclipse the world in darkness, seek power in order to wield power. The undead are nothing but flesh and bones and tools to be used for conquest. Followers necromancy spells are 25% more effective.
CE – Chaos, Evil, Death, Destruction, Necromancy, Night

Set – God of Evil and the Night. Wishes to eclipse the world in darkness for those that must live in it.
Leader of Hell and the arch devils that inhabit it.
Followers gain a 25% efficacy increase in their spell casting at night – during a new moon 50% -and a 1d4 penalty for casting in the daylight.
LE – Death, Evil, Destruction, Knowledge, Serpents. Night

Telophus – Lord of the crops, seasons,hunting . Favored by farmers of all walks of life. Clean, renewable, and bountiful. Seen as the harmonious side of nature rather than it’s wrath.
All followers gain +4 proficiency checks that involve swimming/climbing/survival/tracking
LN – Animal, Air, Earth, Plant

Tsathogga – Demon Frog God, slew previous sun god back before the material plane was fully formed. Consider irrational, the purest form of evil, no one is sure of the machinations or desires of this deity, a disgusting race of frogmen type aberrations seem to worship it. The only thing anyone knows is that he wishes for the entire cosmos to become his fetid swamp grounds.
CE – Chaos, Evil, Water, Destruction

 Thursis, God of Battle, strategy, and war. A deity that encapsulates their measured aggression.
Allows reroll’s to confirm critical hits 1/day
TN; War, Death, Destruction, Magic

Wrex and the Bull – Deity of Goblin civilization, a hero ascended by his deeds in life, founding of the first city, slayer of the dragon Drag’arc Zull elder red dragon in the year 980, he is the most recently ascended god. He rides a golden bull. Supporter of trade, freer of the oppressed, and belief in redemption, second chances. Many other bestial tribes have began to worship Wrex in hopes that their peoples can stop their monstrous ways. It’s a losing preposition for many, but the hope is there for some.
Followers gain the ability to speak with beastial races 1/week.
NG – Commerce, Good, Redemption, Earth, War, Freedom

Oghma God of Song and Bards
Followers of Oghma gain a 1d4 bonus to their bardic abilities.
NG – Creation, Good, Travel, Knowledge

Moccavallo, God of Disguise and Treachery
Followers of Moccavallo gain the ability to make an opponent flat footed for 1 round at any point in combat, 1/day.
CN; Chaos, Trickery, Diplomacy

Anubis, Guardian of the Dead, in constant battle with Orcus over the undead. Anubis sees all undead as an insult to his power, realm, and self. He decides who is judged, and he decides when it is time for their deaths.
Followers of Anubis are granted a 25% increase in spell efficacy vs undead or +1 strength when fighting undead.
LG; Death[Good], Law, Luck, Protection, Strength

Seshat “The Female Scribe”, Goddess of Writing, History, Time, Knowledge, and Architecture
Followers gain the ability to translate any piece of writing spontaneously 1/week. Does not include coded languages (thieves cant/druidaic)
NG; Good, Knowledge, Luck, Magic

Horus the Avenger- Horus does not believe in the honorable way of vengeance. An eye for an eye is the law. Never allow a crime against you go unpunished. God of those seeking revenge for past crimes no matter how petty. Followers of Horus gain the ability to track the target of their vengeance by voices in their head telling them where to go usable 1/day
LN; Destruction, Law,War,

 Erishkigal, The Queen of the Underdark
Loved by the drow, loathed by everone else, she is obsessed with a war that most do not know is taking place.
Spells have 25% efficacy while underground -25% efficacy above ground.
LE; Death, Earth, Evil, Law, Trickery, Secrets

Druuk Zul – Lord of the Dragons, The Burning Wrath of the World. The plotting and devious ancient dragon and father of the dragon races and of all dragons in Amar began with his first attempt to conquer the material plane. Leading to the war between the gods in the Age before Irsay and conventional written texts. Enslaving the mortal races with his dragons he incurred the wrath of the Ra, and Freya, even gaining the ire of Set and his devils. Finally driven off he forced the dragons to slumber in the underdark after the Divine Accord was struck. His aspect imprisoned, if ever it was to be unleashed it would break the Accord and another scramble for the material plane would ensue.
Followers gain the ability to telepathically communicate with other followers. 1/day
LE – Destruction, Dragon, Evil, Greed, Hatred, Law, Scalykind, Trickery, Tyranny


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